Jean Guichard is my favorite lighthouse photographer. His 1989 pictures of the La Jument lighthouse at the Northwestern part of France, Brittany are incredible. 

La Jument Lighthouse

La Jument Lighthouse

Jean took the photos during a storm. As Jean’s helicopter flew by the lighthouse, the stranded lighthouse keeper came out to check and at the same time, a huge wave broke over the lighthouse.

I admire lighthouse keepers. There was a time in my life, my dream was to become a lighthouse keeper.


My first encounter of a truly beautiful lighthouse was in 1994. I was visiting San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.  There was  an print shop in the wharf selling a lot of seascape prints.

And there it was, the Jean Guichard’s Kéréon.Kereon
Huge waves crashing the lonely lighthouse in a stormy sea, route of Fromveur near the island of Ouessant in France. It was lonesome but it did not fear. The lighthouse stands there hundreds of years to help people navigated. It gives people hope and light.
And I started to learn more and more about lighthouse. I confess, it becomes an addiction for me, which if you ask my husband, he would totally agree.